1v1.LOL – Skibidi games
June 8, 2024

One of the most popular genres of online games today is the royal battle. You are, of course, already familiar with such hit games as PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS), Fortnite and Apex Legends. These are 1-person shooting games in which you or your team (depending on the selected game mode) need to build various fortifications, pick up weapons and destroy all opponents, remaining the only survivors on the map.

1v1.LOL – a new word in browser shooters
The game 1v1.LOL (in translation – 1 on 1 lol) is just such a royal battle that you can play directly from your browser on your computer (versions on iOS and Android devices are also available)! The developers are constantly updating and improving the mechanics of the game, so next we will introduce you to the set of modes or features that are currently available.

BR Duos Mode
In this mode, you will play in a team with one player against 3 of the same teams (a total of 8 players participate in the game). Your task is to build a reliable shelter and destroy all enemies together with your partner.

1v1 mode
Classic 1 vs 1 duel mode. You will participate in a duel against a random opponent. The task, as in the previous mode, is to destroy the opponent and stay alive.

Box 2v2
This mode is somewhat reminiscent of BR Duos, but only 2 players are against you and your partner, who are also on the team. The main difference is that you are in a limited space and cannot create large fortifications.

free build
A free build mode where there are no opponents and you can hone your skills in building shelters and traps.

Aim Trainer
Another free mode without opponents in which you can improve your target shooting skills.

Gather your friends and play in a closed room without extra players. Only you and your friends who know the room ID will be able to connect to the game.

Test your 1v1.LOL open world survival skills now. Good luck!