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June 6, 2024

Eggy Car is a casual game where you drive a car containing a loose egg over hilly roads. When the egg falls out of your vehicle, it breaks and the game ends. RIP! Collect power-ups to help you get further. Good luck and godspeed egg soldier.

How to Play Eggy Car

An eggsample of bad safety

Eggy Car highlights the importance of putting a seatbelt on your egg when travelling. Unfortunately the Eggy Car is a poorly designed automobile that does not pass health and safety standards.

Use the controls carefully

As well as being unsafe, this car has a very sensitive throttle and reverse. Carefully use the throttle to edge over the bumps without humpty dumpty flying out of the vehicle and cracking open on the road.

Beat your high score

When the inevitable egg-drop does occur, you’ll get a score based on how far you traveled before the tragic demise of the sentient egg. Keep playing to try and beat your previous score!

Pick up coins and rewards

You’ll notice coins and power-ups as you get further. Collect the power-ups to help you get as far as possible without scrambling the cargo. You can spend the coins on new vehicles with unique designs that may help you get further than before.

More Eggs!

Celebrate easter the traditional way and play Eggy Car today! You can play Eggy Car for free on desktop and mobile devices here at CrazyGames. Browse our car games for more, or check out more egg games like Bouncy Egg.


  • Keep the egg in the car
  • Drive over the hills and far away
  • Pick up coins to buy new cars
  • Celebrate Easter in this tricky game

Release Date

February 2019


Beedo Games made Eggy Car.


Web browser


  • A / left arrow key = go backward
  • D / right arrow key = go forward