Skibidi Toilet Survival

Skibidi Toilet Survival

Get ready for an exciting experience in a new game called “Skibidi Toilet Survival”! Today you will play the role of those very people from the city who are afraid to turn into skibid toilets! Will you be able to survive difficult trials to avoid unwanted transformation? In this game you will face a very nerve-wracking task that will test your dexterity, reaction and most importantly endurance. Skibidists will shoot you with their green and red beams. How long can you last and be unnoticed? Let’s find out!

How to play?
Before you appear a group of people who were surrounded by skibidists and chamberlains. Your task will be to carefully examine everything around and move forward. Stop immediately and stop moving when the big head turns in your direction, otherwise you will be shot. Skibidists use beams that will not give a single chance for survival. Therefore, you need to be very careful to avoid losing. For a successfully passed level you will earn money. In the store for your little man there are different hats that you can buy. Survive intense rounds, stay alert and make split-second decisions to avoid getting caught looking and getting killed. Good luck!


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