Skibidi Vs Police – Skibidi games
June 13, 2024

Skibidi Vs Police is an amazing take on tower defense games online, mainly because it is set in the world of Skibidi Toilet Games online, the best meme games of the year, and it is also mobile-friendly, so you’ve really got no reasons not to try it out at once!

Who will win in Skibidi Vs Police online?

You’re taking the side of the police, which are going to be the Cameramen, units of which you place around the road, in addition to defensive cones and other kinds of walls, all meant to stop the waves of toilets from crossing the barrier at the bottom.

If they do, they win, but if you defeat them, you win. Place as many units as you can with the given funds available to you to defeat the Skibidis, and if they win instead, be faster and more strategic for the next round.

Each new wave of toilets is stronger and bigger than the last, so you have to improve on defenses the more you play until you have won all the battles and the game. Good luck with that, and all the other games you are playing here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.