Baldi’s basics – Skibidi games
June 15, 2024

This game has been popular for a long time, and it is not surprising that it has taken a shortcut on the desktop of game lovers. The story has developed in such a way that you play as a little schoolboy who remembered that he forgot his notebook at school and came for it after school. At the educational institution, the same math teacher named Baldi was already waiting for him. Turning around, you realized that the doors are all closed, so in order to get out in any case, you will have to interact with the teacher. Go to classrooms to pick up notebooks there. In each notebook, Baldi left several examples for you to solve, so you will definitely have to use your brains. While walking around the school, you will meet both positive characters, such as the little girl at school, and there are many negative ones. Be careful, because this is the key to a successful and quick passage of the game. For all the time you will need to collect 7 notebooks.