Merge Master: Skibidi Bop – Skibidi games
June 9, 2024

Guys, welcome to Fusion Master: Skibidy Bop! Right now you will go to a small area where very important fights will take place. You must protect a large army of skibidi from evil agents and their wards who want to resist the appearance of skibidi monsters. You need to be very brave to become real heroes in this difficult battle. Unite your shooters and destroy the camera heads! Ready? Then let’s start!

How to play?
In front of you you will see a field divided into squares, each of which has a place for your warrior. At the beginning, you are given only two warriors who will fight with two rivals. If you want to double your army, then show your skill of merging skibidi monsters and increase your army of fighters with all this. The more of them there are, the faster you can kill cameramen and other enemies. Be a master of your craft and kill all rivals. We wish you a great time! Good luck