Parkour from Skibidi Toilet – Skibidi games
June 13, 2024

“Noob: Parkour from Skibidi Toilet” is an addictive arcade game in which you must help a confused Noob find his way out of a tangled maze overflowing with evil reviving toilets! There are 18 exciting levels ahead, all of which have to get to the finish line, escaping from the giant spooky heads sticking straight out of the toilet! Be extremely careful and avoid enemies, or they’ll swallow you whole!


Deftly jump on platforms above the bubbling lava and follow the signs on the walls that will show you the correct route. Beware of sharp circular saws and the many other dangerous traps that will come your way. If an exclamation mark appears above the enemy, he has spotted you and intends to chase you. Just jump on his head because he won’t be able to get to you there. Squeeze into narrow wall gaps to escape the pursuit and feel momentarily safe. You can increase your movement speed thanks to the red arrows on the floor. But sometimes they can play a trick on you, so use them at your own risk. Good luck!