Skibidi is in Trouble – Skibidi games
June 13, 2024

Welcome to Skibidy in Trouble! This is one of the coolest games about the new series of the series – “Skibidi Toilet” tearing the entire Internet. Today you will act as chambermen with fascinating teleportation, killing people turned into skibidists! You are waiting for the most vivid sensations from the events that will take place in this chaos. Destroy all the heads sticking out of the toilet that decided to attack the whole city!

You must kill everyone, leaving no one alive. Therefore, rather start jumping on the walls, throwing a sword and teleporting closer to the singing toilets to kill them with just one blow! You have to go through a difficult path to become the best cameraman!

How to play?
You must destroy other dangerous skibid gangsters and other criminals. You have to complete very difficult assassination missions. To do this, your cameraman will have many types of deadly equipment to defeat heroes such as: holy toilet, drone and many others. Choose from weapons such as katana, sword, superhero hammer and futuristic lightsabers. Use your arsenal for every mission! Buy new cameras from the store with different surveillance cameras, from small to large. Use all your weapon throwing skills, speed and a lot of tricks to make it easy to destroy everyone! We wish you a great deal with your mission and devastate the playing field from all the antagonists of the popular series! Good luck!