Skibidi Rogue Like – Skibidi games
June 7, 2024

In the new exciting online game Skibidi Rogue Like, you have to penetrate an underground bunker that has been captured by toilet monsters. There were Cameramen agents in it and now they are infected with the Skibidi virus and are gradually turning into monsters. You will have to destroy all opponents, and given that the agents have not lost their qualities, this will be problematic. Your hero, armed to the teeth, will move along the corridors and rooms of the bunker, carrying out a systematic cleanup. Look around carefully to monitor your surroundings. At any moment, opponents may appear and you, pointing your weapon at them, will have to open aimed fire. By shooting accurately, you will kill Skibidi Toilets and infected Cameramen, and for this you will be given points in the game Skibidi Rogue Like, which will be monetized. Try not to let enemies get close. In various places in the bunker you will come across ammunition, weapons and first aid kits. These are your legitimate trophies and you will need to collect these items. They will help your hero survive in further battles. With each level the task will become more difficult, so try to strengthen your character as much as possible.