Skibidi Toilet Hidden Stars – Skibidi games
June 13, 2024

Kids, welcome to the wonderful game “Skibidi Toilet: Search for the Stars”! Today you will play a new game that toilet heads have come up with for you. If you like search games, then you will definitely like this puzzle! Here you will meet almost all the toilet characters who will hide the stars from you. Ready to test yourself how fast you are experienced in this matter? Then let’s start!

How to play?
To start the game, press play and select a control method. You will see a picture of several skibidi toilets, on which as many as 12 stars will be hidden. They will have different colors, so they can easily confuse you. You will have a magnifying glass that you will control while searching for items. In the lower left corner of the playing field is a counter that shows you how many more stars you need to find. If you have found all the items, go to the next level. Try to find all the stars by seeing in front of you a three-headed skibidee, the leader of all skibidists G-Man and others. Find victory and have a great time! Good luck!