Skibidi Toilet Shoot Out  – Skibidi games
July 16, 2024

Welcome to a very exciting game called “Skibidi Toilet Shootout”! This is a very fun arcade game in which you will play as a toilet character caught in a shootout with cameramen. All the other skibidists scattered around the city, and only one brave one remained. But to be sure, he needs your help. Skibidis will be attacked by evil cameramen, so hurry up to help the hero to save his life!

How to play?
You will see a designated playing field for a shootout of characters. You must do everything necessary to protect your hero and keep him alive. After all, he will be only one, and there are a lot of chambermen. As soon as the skirmish begins, control the skibidi with his head so as not to fall under the missiles flying in his direction, which can kill. You must shoot all the cameramen who will be in your sight. How long can you keep your hero alive in this dangerous shooting game? Let’s find out! Good luck!