Skibidi Toilet: Shooter – Skibidi games
June 7, 2024

Welcome to the game with our popular characters “Skibidi Toilet: Shooter”. Right now you can turn into a real sniper and shoot all the annoying skibidists! You will find yourself in a small town in which there is no one else instead of walking toilets. You will find many trials and difficult missions in which you must stay alive. Will you be able to experience the whole world of skibidi and fight the most difficult bosses of this universe? If yes, then load the weapon and start playing!

How to play?
At the beginning of the game, you will see several types of weapons, of which only one will be available to you to complete the first mission. Take a gun in your hands and start shooting at enemies, to the favorite music of skibidists Dop Dop Yes Yes. Get rid of those annoying toilets that have taken over the whole city. Earn money for each completed level and upgrade your equipment to successfully cope with the increasing power of enemies! We wish you to destroy all the singing heads and have a great time! Good luck!