Volley Random – Skibidi games
July 16, 2024

In the wonderful world where puppet men live, today there will be a competition in such a sports game as volleyball. You in the game Volley Random will be able to take part in it and help your team win. The game is played in a two-on-two format. A field for the game divided by a grid will appear on the screen in front of you. Your athletes will stand on one half of the field, and their rivals on the other. At the signal, the ball will come into play. Your opponent will deliver a deft serve to your side of the field. You, controlling your athletes, will have to move them to a certain place on the field and hit the ball to the opponent’s side. At the same time, try to do it so that he would change the trajectory and touch the ground on the side of the enemy. This way you will score a goal and get a point. The one who leads in the score will win the match.