Zombs Royale – Skibidi games
June 13, 2024

Zombs Royale is a unique take on the battle royale genre that features some of the aesthetics and mechanics of .io games and top-down shooters. Dozens of players are airdropped to a vast area featuring various zones and environments including green ranges, open areas and buildings. Their goal is to find weapons, defend themselves and attack each other until only one of them survives. Eventually poison gas starts coming in shrinking the playable area and forcing the less active participants to come out of their hiding spots.

Up to 100 people can play Zombs Royale io at the same time. The game begins with them being deployed and then everyone is left to their own devices. To maximize your chances of survival you need to do your best to quickly find weapons and items that will help you defend yourself. Sometimes they can be found in crates both outside and inside the buildings. Occasionally, you can also loot a deceased enemy to arm yourself.

If you’ve ever played an online shooter, the controls of ZombsRoyale.io will seem very familiar to you right from the start. Press WASD keys to run around and strafe left and right, move the mouse to aim, click the left mouse button to shoot and E to interact with objects. You can switch between weapons and items by pressing the number keys or scrolling the mouse wheel.

One of the most entertaining aspects of ZombsRoyale io is the fact that you can never settle down a safe hiding spot because of the fatally poisonous gas closing in from every direction, forcing the players to move closer to the center of the map and encouraging them to get into firefights. This mechanic never lets you relax, makes the gameplay a lot more dynamic and unpredictable and shortens the down-time limiting the duration of the rounds. If the idea of a 2D battle royale sounds like something you would enjoy give Zombs Royale a try!

Zombs Royale may be the most competitive top-down BR-style shooter ever created. Parachute down to an isolated location together with 99 other players. Survive by finding hiding spots, powerful weapons, and equipment. Slay dozens of foes and stay within the safe zone as the playfield shrinks. Become the last man standing to win the game.