Hit Skibidi Toilet – Skibidi games
July 16, 2024

You are welcomed to a game called “Skibidi Toilet Hit” that can keep you hooked for a long time and defuse your situation a little! Today you will have fun, because it is here that you can kill skibidi toilets with the help of clicks. This game will also test your attentiveness and quick reaction. Therefore, always be on the alert, because skibidists can appear very quickly. How many skibidists can you kill? Let’s find out!

How to play?
A checkered playing field will appear in front of you, on which nine toilet bowls are installed. After that, skibidists will randomly start jumping out. You need to immediately hit them by clicking on each of them with the left mouse button. Don’t hit the bombs, it will take away your points! The more you hit the skibidi toilets, the higher the final score will be. Ready to win! Then score as many points as possible and do not get caught by explosives, otherwise you will lose. Good luck!