Skibidi Toilets and a Hole – Skibidi games
July 15, 2024

Welcome to a new casual game called “Skibidi Toilets and Hole”! Today you have to complete a very important mission! Right now, you will act as a very scary big hole that has the ability to absorb all the toilets into itself. They will appear and increase their number on the playing area with each subsequent level. Are you ready for such a brave task in just a few seconds? Then let’s start playing!

How to play?
You will see a playing field in front of you, on which you will be offered to increase the time and amount of damage. Increase them several times and quickly destroy all the annoying skibidists! This will be a new phase of confrontation with toilet heads! Control a black hole and absorb a group of different skibidists in order to defeat all the bosses! Your bosses will be all the famous cameramen who fight toilet heads to free the city from them. Do you have the courage to throw even the strongest cameramen using all kinds of toilets and defeat them? Let’s check! Good luck!