House of Hazards – Skibidi games
June 13, 2024

Invite a friend and go on an exciting exploration of a house filled with dangers. The adventure is a makeshift obstacle course that runs through the house. Be on the lookout, because everywhere there are a lot of traps that you can fall into with the slightest careless movement.

How to play?
The game has 2 modes: the main game and trial mode. Before you start each of them, you can choose a character that you like. However, some of them are locked, and you can only get them if you have certain achievements. After you decide on the character, press the “Play” button. If you give preference to the training mode, you can learn how to jump, crouch and just move around the playing space. You will also learn how to avoid the dangers that will continually arise around you during the passage of the game. Use the arrow keys to control your character. If you are playing with a friend, then he should use the IJKL keys to control the hero. Move in space, crouching if danger appears from above. When you see an obstacle lying on the ground, jump over it.